About Us

Paanchcon (पञ्चकोण) is the Sanskrit term for pentagon.  Paanch = 5, + con = angles. Con also means idiot in French.  We are five idiots, or five humble philosophers, well aware of human foolishness installed in our cognitions since our very naissance. We boldly write to the world with five distinct angles determined to invoke progress and acceleration in human thought. Paanchcon dares to think beyond conventional dimensions, outside the regular 540° geometry, while still respecting the fundamentals of nature. Paanchcons are, after all, constructed from from one-dimensional lines.

We believe quintessential progress in the world will be made through the convergence of bold ideas, directed at various angles. Only then will a truly resplendent structure emerge. With a well-balanced équipe of five passionate philosophers, Paanchcon hopes to rocket this fire for the Earth and our future in the Universe.



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Imagine the picturesque evening in the south of Spain. Dusk has approached. The nightlife has begun. And Aurelius is sitting at a dinner table surrounded by people who have influenced him from all across time. Take a second to imagine the complexity of that conversation before you understand that this would be Aurelius’s ideal dinner soirée. Aurelius has a passion for exploration and understanding of how people connect across the world and beyond. A chronic pacifist and overt optimist, he believes that the purpose of life is to enjoy and appreciate the far reaches of the world like a roller coaster before the ride comes to an end. “Explore the unexplored, while the rest stroll down the roads already once paved.”


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A mere curt remark in the prosaic elegy of life; there was a time when Bhavesh was nothing more than an apparatichik in the bigger machinery of society. Then one day, someone forgot to grease the gears. And as the cracks began to appear he became more and more aware of, what James Billington would call, his “hundred carefully executed details” and that of the world around him. A deemed pariah, he somehow manages to put food on the table working as a professional observer of men. He mostly sits quietly in a corner, but that is only because he does not want to be chased by all those unleashed dog-mas. Quietly, yet secretly scheming for… REVOLUTION!


Ojjhas Sinha is an Indo-European graduate student studying astrochemistry. Lads think he is bananas because he is often raving about potassium. K. Cached away most of the time, his futuristic writings are characterised by a roaring plea of escape from Earth. He hopes that before he himself vaporises, mankind will have engineered the 1st interstellar satellite. Every now and again, he resumes ancient ideas, in the hope of understanding the true nature of reality. Nature, and life in particular he thinks, is driven by entropy. Thus he always ends up adding water before ice in all of his refreshments, much to the dismay of his compatriots. Ojjhas is often found in public carrying a petite plaque his grandfather gave him. THINKING, beyond the atmosphere, he believes, in any way shape or form, is the only way to respire it for eternity.


Not much is known about TAL. Suspected by many to be a robot (likely a slightly-less-misanthropic variant of the infamous HAL 9000), TAL claims to be a 26-year-old male working as a young professional in the Eastern US. Whoever (or whatever) he is, TAL is possessed by an obsession with the rhythms and cycles of life. TAL’s writing is characterized by repeated attempts to predict the distant future by looking deep into our past. TAL’s influences include Friedrich Nietzsche, Aldous Huxley, Peter Thiel, Jack Gilbert, Charles Darwin, Eugene Fama, Dan Ariely, Stephen Hsu, Robert Shiller, Joseph Conrad, T.S. Eliot, Henry David Thoreau, and Lao Tzu.



Thumos is the voice that yearns to return to the voiceless. It is erotic love that transcends physical boundaries and enters an ethereal realm of creation. It is the spirit within each breathing and bleeding form that desires to be recognized and reckoned with in the universe. Thumos is in a perpetual battle with epithumia, the insatiable appetites of the body, but has as its confidante nous, the supplier of cold, calculating reason. This ubiquitous life force has manifested in a being, a traveler through the ether that is existence. It seeks to guide him along a path, though it may not necessarily bethe path. As the journey unfolds…

Thumos embraces the unexpected.