Lenguas y Magdalenas

Language is a method of communication.

Communication is exchanging of information; a means of a connection.

Connection is a relationship between two things.

Relationship is the state of being connected.

Language, therefore, is a method of creating a relationship.

A relationship can be made with the Earth. A relationship can be made with nature. A relationship can be made with another human. A relationship can be made with yourself. Each of these relationships are created through language. Thus, language is not always spoken, and it is often the unspoken which speaks volumes.

My love affair with words, the basis of spoken and written language, began when I learned how to write haiku’s. It was within the formulation of the haiku, as each syllable fell perfectly in to place, that I realized how satisfying a word could be. Like fitting a word in to a crossword puzzle; it sometimes does just that – it fits. Other times, the search for a word is like solving for X. You set up an equation = the introduction. You break it down, and simplify = the rising action. You isolate X = the climax. You plug it back in = the falling action. It fits = The conclusion. You solved for X. X marks the spot. It’s a treasure hunt, and that perfect word is the chest full of coins. It brings you on a treacherous journey through time and space and you eventually come full circle to finish a sentence with that word. That word that just fits.

But sometimes it isn’t a word.

I am constantly working to improve my relationship with nature. Sometimes she makes me sad. Sometimes I am elated. It’s always finicky with her. I’m learning how to understand her moods, and she is understanding mine. Our relationship doesn’t consist of words at all. It is the crisp smell of night as I look up at the stars. It is the blanket of wind she places on my shoulders when the world feels heavy on my heart. It is the memories she reminds me of as she places the sun directly behind that tree with that leaf on the ground in that exact spot with the sound of a train in the distance. That language is audible, tangible, visual.

The language I have with other humans is also audible, tangible, visual, but with another dimension. A complexity called emotion. Emotion is “A natural instinctive state of mind derived from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.” Their relationships with others, the relationship with his or her self. Relationships derived from language. Language being tangible, audible, visual. Through words that are written or spoken. Through bodies and how we open and close our hearts and minds.

If language is a method of communication. Communication is a means of a connection. A connection is a relationship between two things. A relationship can consist of intra and inter beings. Then nearly everything is based on language. Molecules of water are composed of a relationship of atoms; the basic chemical units. Within the atom there is a relationship between protons and neutrons. That molecule of water is a relationship that human beings surround themselves with. We inhabit land near water, our bodies are made of 60% water. The Earth is the Earth because of water. So if the basic chemical unit comprising physical matter is made up of a relationship, and language is the creation of relationships… Did the chicken lay the egg first? Is language the basis of all things?

— Shiizakana —


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