Suffering, Pt. II

We rarely confront it head-on.  Must suffering we experience in a haze.  Yet the potential for suffering is unbounded.  There are no guardrails to life (short of the natural limits on what is consciously experiencable, whatever those are) that prohibit things especially painful from happening.  Think of the cricket eaten alive by a spider.  How must the cricket feel?  And how must the spider?  Perhaps they are both trapped in a living hell, in horror at the ugliness and ferocity of it all, but propelled along by their simple insect/arachnid nervous systems.  Or perhaps they exist in a much lower, duller state of consciousness, in which something akin to pain is there but only vaguely sensed.

To find release from suffering, we must all push the wheel of dharma together.  We don’t know how many turns it will take for the cycle to break — but we must give our everything to break the cycle.  To undo the spell and release our souls into the ether.  To make right what was born wrong. Always do the right thing. Dharmam chara. Not just for yourself, but for each cricket, and for each spider.

How terrible it is to be born into all of this; but how lucky we are to have a chance — to have a hope — of making it right. The cricket can’t do that, nor can the spider.

If we are not truthful, with ourselves and with those around us, we will not move forward. We will backslide and focus our effort in wrong directions. Lying is easy but it is insidious. Never deviate from the truth. Satyanna pramaditavyam. Being shown the way does one no good if one is not willing to admit, to accept, that it is the way — i.e., one must accept the truth as the truth, even when it is difficult. Turn towards it, not away.



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