It’s OK to be lonely

With the plethora of pizzazz around us, ten bars just down the street, so many people making so many plans, and the world of internet with hundreds of things to do, probably the hardest fact to admit is that we are lonely. It is almost unfashionable to say so. There is absolutely no reason for one to be lonely, especially considering how mammoth the population of the world is.  Despite that, we all kind of.. are.

And the reason that’s OK is because so is everyone else.

With just how easy it has become to express ourselves today via the social medimg_20161124_230509ia, a constant fear that exists among us all is  of not being accepted. Revealing our true selves, we may be misunderstood – or worse, understood perfectly and be considered weird as hell. The inner workings of our minds may be just too uninteresting or alarming for anyone else. Hence we choose to do things to blend in and, more often than not, keep our real identities hidden.

With someone who may be open to meeting us, we may dread how they always consider themselves, and not us, the centre of the conversation. It takes a massive amount to strength to empathetically listen to someone’s problems, nod occasionally, and give them sensible advice. We would rather just talk about ourselves. We are way more interesting and fun, aren’t we? But things often don’t work that way.

img_20161124_230518Loneliness is a cost we bear for being complex creatures. There are just fewer people like us. Fewer people who will understand us. Fewer people we would want to invest our energies in understanding. And for all we know, we may never have met them. Or have met them but didn’t continue the conversation because we didn’t like the colour of their shirt, or they may not even have been born yet, or died a long time ago.

We are all destined to depart this world all by ourselves. And while here, there will always be very few who can fathom how we work. What we can find solace in, however, is that we are all together in our loneliness.

– Anon


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