Benzene molecules are lifeless hexagons.

Pristine concepts could be priceless hexagons.



Chakkar of Benzene

Dhyan = The Focus.

Gyana = The Knowledge.

Dharma = The Trajectory.

Karma => F = ma

Satya = The Truth.

Moksha = The Nirvana.

The stellar six  could exist fixed in space-time ,unmoved and unharmed by any cataclysm in the cosmos. These six ancient philosophical concepts could be universal, like the Brahman & Benzene,  independent of what we call life here on Earth.


Life requires organic molecules, notably, arrangements of C, H, O, and N –building blocks of life.  Organic molecules are abundant in the interstellar medium, floating freely  — with or without life. These molecules however are  “crafty elaborations of a simple benzene ring” analogously, the crafty elaborations of the above Vedic concepts could also play a role in the “aims of human life” known as the Purusartha in Sanskrit.  This idea however only includes moksha and karma, with the addition of two veritable human entities: kama (the desire) and artha (the meaning).  The latter two may be our weaknesses. Why we aren’t as great as what is above the atmosphere.

Of course in the above Chakkar of Benzene, six more concepts are missing to complete the bonds. C-H. Thus this attempt at visualizing even 50% of the Brahman, however chaotic, remains unsolved. A priceless meditation is needed.



-O.S, B.S, and Tal


P.S Shatacon = Hexagon. The higher-dimensional version of Paanchcon.




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