I can’t stop thinking about the grasshopper being eaten.

What it must look like from his perspective, world black and white with big blocky objects moving in and out of vision unpredictably.  Earth rumbling from footsteps, gale force winds blowing constantly, rendering most all other sounds muted and distant.

Caught in a web, unaware of what is happening.  Trying to move and failing.  Alarm systems ringing.

The spider descends.  You see him only faintly — darkly — but you see enough to know his fangs are out and dripping.

Your mechanical screams pierce the air.  The spider is crying, too — the scene is just as horrid for him.  Yet his body propels itself forward, his fangs flexing reflexively.  Leaves rustle overhead.


A natural reaction to the scene is to want to gather all the grasshoppers and protect them.  This is quixotic.  Another common reaction is to say “kill all spiders!”  That would be even worse — quixotic, but if somehow accomplished, counterproductive; spiders are janitors in our ecosystem.  The only way to help the grasshopper, to quell his mechanical screams, is to study entropy.  It’s the only way.

leaves fall



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