Time Revisited

time_machine_by_sparco2-d5d5jwcSource: http://www.timefillers.com/2015/06/25/this-is-for-you-creator-of-time/

Time is much too vast of a concept not to revisit one more time (#pun). The thoughts of a variable that constantly persists without an end point in sight just boggles my mind. It is something so invaluable that it surpasses the value of money/wealth by infinity.

I fear that many people struggle to understand this concept until it is well too late. Living a life working tirelessly to elevate ones monetary wealth without any appreciation or even consideration for the value of experience is a tragedy of the masses. So why do people continue to do it? Why do people focus so much on jumping from milestone to milestone without stopping and realizing that life is gliding by in the background. Why work so hard when one should work smart? Find that balance to enjoy the ride while simultaneously working to push yourself farther. The best part of skateboarding is when you don’t have to keep kicking the ground. You just plant both feet on the board and enjoy the wind blowing through your hair. Find the right times to kick and glide – never needing to kick at all times. Maybe life works the same way. Find the right times to work hard and then glide to enjoy the rest of the way.

In a sense I’m trying to promote a lifestyle where one should enjoy their youth. Aging is a mysterious wonder. We all are going through it whether we like it or not, so act accordingly. But as I age I start to remember memories of my past and can’t help but feel that my younger self’s mind is stuck in a body that is slowly withering away due to natural forces. One day I will cease to exist, but until then, why not make the most of life? I spent my 18-22 years wandering and exploring. The things I learned in those pivotal years will resonate with me for the rest of my life and there’s no chance that I will ever get to buy them back. The challenges I experienced as a result of those years from 22-26 were very much humbling. It has taught me to value everything at all times because the fourth dimension from our perspectives is a one way arrow.

Maybe it is how our society views success and failure that forces people to forgo the romantic perspectives of time. Or maybe it is a generational error when one doesn’t realize early that time stops for nobody. Interestingly, most people who become successful invest much of their hard work and energy during their early 20s. So with this in mind, what actually matters?

 – – – My advice for time – – –

1 – live for the experiences. Explore the world and understand everything around you.

2 – don’t waste time on anything not worth your time. Easier said than done, but very necessary.

3 – make the best of your prime days

4 – dwell on the beauty of life always.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



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