Just cause you feel it…

Doesn’t mean it’s there.

I’ve spoken before about filter bubbles, but that concept is really just scratching the surface.  All of humanity is living under one giant filter bubble.  We suffer from biases and flawed heuristics, and exhibit herd mentality.  Many ideas are so against the grain to us (so against our socializing) that they are literally unfathomable, despite the fact that the machinery of our brains are more than capable of summoning such thoughts.  Because we live in the real world, a place where epistemic paralysis would leave us vulnerable to being eaten alive by tigers, our brains have to convince themselves (behind the scenes) that whatever framework they have come up with for understanding the world is fully believable and something worth acting on.

Those frameworks we’re working off of, while certainly better than nothing, are far from perfect.  In fact, I would posit that the room for improvement there (i.e., the space between what we think we know and what actually is true) is absolutely staggering.

Consider how much more knowledgeable modern man is compared to man of, say, 100,000 years ago.  Now consider that our race might live for 100,000 more 100,000 year spans.  Consider that we will likely soon unleash an era of exponential growth in intelligence, either by genetic engineering, mechanical enhancement of our wetware, or by developing superpowerful AI we can use in service of humanity.

What will the human at t = 1e10 think of our current knowledge?  The grand sum of all we know today will probably be considered even more foolish than the “knowledge” we currently attribute to slugs.

So we’re all wrong.  The smartest of us are wrong, the dumbest of us are wrong, and we’re all pretty much equally wrong in that we’re all just slugs arguing with each other.






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