Do Things

When you say that you are a ‘nice guy’ and you still don’t get girls/guys, is that really your only unique selling proposition? If you can actually take that niceness, make an edible soup out of it, I am sure they will like you (because everyone loves food). As harsh as this may sound, human beings care only about things. And if your abstract concept about yourself will not yield into things happening, no one is going to give you a job.

And while we are debunking age old theories:

It doesn’t matter how you are on the inside!

'Beauty is on the inside.'

“I know I am just sitting at home right now, but I know that on the inside, I am an amazing artist”



No one cares about your insides if they don’t manifest into THINGS!


Think about it this way, you go to a bar and you find someone attractive. You tell them a whole lot about yourself, most of which is true about that person you are ‘on the inside’. But what you didn’t know was that your new friend is a stalker. So, if they leave a tracking device on you, and observe your every move, how much of that person you described at the bar do you actually act as during the week? Will that stalker be happy with their findings?


It should also be noted that, that once you want to become that person you want yourself to become, everything around you will motivate you otherwise. Ask an addict trying to change their ways, and they will tell you. Your friends, family, coworkers, and even your own noggin are all programmed to resist change. You will get a hundred reasons to give up playing the guitar – you have no one to jam with, there is no time after work, you can’t find your pick! It is very easy to remain complacent and unhappy. It is being happy that takes effort.


It is also rather easy to not do things because you think you can do better things. It is easy to say “eww I really don’t want to write a novel that is as shitty as that. I am worth so much more.” Well guess what, that shitty novel writer gets the girls and the royalties.


So what must one do?




Get your ass up from the couch, and just do it. Do anything. Get a skill. Learn to dance. Learn to code Python. Learn to cook. Learn to paint. Learn to play the guitar. Learn a new language. If you already know these, do more of it. If you can’t afford to go for classes, YouTube how to do these things. How much time do you waste just watching the TV or reading the same exact things on those same three apps on your phone?

We have the internet to enrich us, teach us, and help us do things. A lack of resources is not a legit excuse anymore. And neither is your age, sex, or IQ.

OK, sometimes (maybe) your age

So, to sum up, all you gotta do is listen to what Nike has been trying to tell you for so long. Just do it. There is no alternative to doing it.

Take deep breaths. Drink some water. And get crackin’!


Bhavesh S.


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